About HCS

Our Constitution

The Chinese School is an independent, non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit-making body. Its primary objective is the advancement of education among persons of Chinese descent of all ages in the United Kingdom (“Overseas Chinese”) through voluntary groups for the teaching of Chinese and English languages and related cultural subjects.

In furtherance of it’s primary objective of the Chinese School may:

  • Provide advice, information and support on social educational matters to individuals and group who are interested in the Chinese language and culture.
  • Promote awareness among young persons of Chinese descent on their cultural background.
  • Assist in setting-up local groups having objectives similar to those of the Chinese School.
  • Assist integration of Overseas Chinese into the British community.

Our School

The School was founded in early 1977 by Rev and Mrs Chong who first set up classes at the Hounslow United Reformed Church hall. Initially there were only four teachers and twenty four pupils who were taught in two classes. But by 1978, the supply of teachers and the church hall could no longer cope with the demand of the ever increasing number of pupils.

Faced with this problem, Rev Chong turned to the Overseas Chinese Education Centre (OCEC) for help. After a great deal of preparation and reorganization Hounslow School finally became one of the branch schools under the OCEC in 1980. Application was granted by the local council a year later, for the use of Hounslow Town Primary School (our current premises) every Saturday morning from 10.30am to 12.30pm. An annual rent was paid to the Council until 1987 when it was waived, thanks to the support of multicultural education in the Borough.

Since 1988, the School had been receiving an annual grant, which was reviewed every year, to help with the running costs. The initial grant, though small, was a milestone for Chinese education in Hounslow. But unfortunately this grant was discontinued in September 2007. The Council continued to pay the rent of the school premises but this ceased in September 2011. Now the school has to pay the full rent to Hounslow Town Primary School.

Our school’s income now relies on the pupils’ annual fees, donations and proceeds from our fund-raising events. Our teachers (some are qualified teachers, some are parents who have professional jobs and a few are under/post graduates) are unpaid volunteers who give up their spare time on Saturdays to help, maintain and promote the teaching of Chinese language. Their enthusiasm and dedication are the lifelines for our school. Most of them have worked for our school for many years and are experienced in Chinese language teaching. Over the years, they have received annual training and up-to-date guidance about examination requirements from the UK Federation of Chinese Schools. They also have the opportunities to attend other workshops/seminars organised by professional educators from China.

Mrs. Ruby Murray-Jones M.B.E.
Headteacher, Hounslow Chinese School

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